The Success Manifesto

I always give my best at whatever I do.

I will not relent even if the obstacles seem to be ubiquitous.

Getting back up from a failure has always been my instinctive reaction.

I always treat others with respect, knowing that greatness starts with one’s values.

No matter who the biggest fish in the pond is, I will invariably hunt it down.

I will demolish my competition. 

Domination will be my only way forward.

Perseverance is something which is embedded in my DNA.

I will not allow my adversaries to break me, but rather I will persist and break free from them.

I will hustle like a broke.

I will put in the efforts as if I have nothing to lose.

Today, I will set a standard for myself which will push me to greatness.

Tomorrow I will work even harder only to smash the old standard to the ground and set a bigger one for me.

I will not stop.

I will not bend.

I will work my butt off, until I get what I want. 

I will do what’s right, and not the ones that are easy.

I will not allow my past achievements to lull me from taking actions in my present.

Whatever task I start, I will make sure that I finish it.

I don’t care about the magnitude of my setback or my innumerable failures as long as I don’t quit trying.

I will make the impossible, possible.

I will seek for the things which were termed by others as beyond my reach.

I know my limits- but more importantly, I know how to expand it.
I will never hold back from unleashing my inner beast- the one which will assist me in hunting down my dreams.

I have painstakingly made this post just for you guys, only to make you realize that greatness is upon you.

Do share it with your friend, and kindly write down your comments below so that I know how you felt after reading this. Thanks.


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