My Experience With The French Couple

Not long ago, I went to my native place, Kerala via train, along with my dad. It was a 32 hour journey. Earlier, I used to spend most of my time sleeping which used to kill my time, or rather I should say that it wasted my time. But than I realized that there were many different ways through which we can spend our time while travelling, and they were certainly better than to sleep like a nincompoop. I started reading books during my travel time and made a small investment in myself. Although I won’t say that it went on to reap massive results, but the result is very much visible.

On that particular journey, there was also a nun who was sitting with us. She looked calm as a millpond and usually looked out of the window, maybe to feel the breeze and to see the serene nature quickly getting past her. After having read many self development books of Robin Sharma and Dale Carnegie, I thought the best thing to do was to start a conversation with her which would help me to expand my knowledge about her religion, about her culture and would enable me to get to know more about her.

But what did I do? I shrank from greatness. I was too scared to speak;too scared to make a new friend;too scared to execute the things which I had learned from my books. All these hours, I just sat there reading my books and minding my own business. When we got out of the train, I realized my mistake,my cowardice, but it was too late amend. That instance really pinched me hard.

After spending weeks with my grandparents in Kerala, I said goodbye to them and came back. On my journey, I saw a foreign couple walking past by my side. It was a rare sight for me since I rarely see any foreigner in our train. My curiosity was at it’s capstone. I looked at the seat in which they were sitting and had an inner conversation with myself- Rahul,what on earth are you waiting for? Just go out there and introduce yourself. You have already missed a similar kind of opportunity around a fortnight ago, now you can’t afford to miss this one. Just get your butt up and go.

I went there, sat on a nearby seat and introduced myself. During my conversation, I came to know that they were French. I also spoke a bit of french to them, which I had learned in my high school days. The woman’s name was Zaza Jones and the man’s name was Loic Bourgeois. Loic is a chef while Zaza works in a non governmental organisation, helping the poor and the orphans. They were from Lilly and stayed together.

They said that Kerala was a very clean place with lots of beautiful landscapes, and said that they loved the spicy food which it offers. The one thing which I loved about Zaza was that she maintains a small diary where she would write down all the things to be done on a particular day. It was such a great experience to talk with them. Our conversation stretched from politics to food to culture to movies and so on. They even recommended me to watch some french movies namely Taxi, Amelie Poulain and Les enfants du Marais, though I’m not sure whether I spelled those correctly. They said that it was for the first time that they visited India and I was mighty pleased when they said that they look forward to come here again.

I guess we conversed for about 2 long hours. After I got home, I had a sense of pride within me and learned the following- To conquer your fears, you need not fight against it, but simply step into it and embrace it with full faith; the more strongly you hold it, the more quickly it will get out of you and you will be left to feel only one thing, and that is- Power.

Don’t forget to play your part to spread positivity around you. Do share this article to your near and dear ones. God bless.


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