Critical Analysis of Social Media

Around two or three decades back, not many had imagined that an unheard word called social media would become such a famous and a household name, with a vast amount of population using it on a regular basis. Not many had imagined that a person sitting in one corner of the globe can contact any person far away from him without a telephone in hand.

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp have really made our world a global village. Not many realise the fact that before the advent of social media, people were loomed by loneliness and boredom. Today the whole world is  on our fingertips. When we take a picture of a beautiful scenery, how bad we wish it to be seen by our friends and acquaintances because we never wanted it to be kept only with us in the first place. Social media gives us the platform to display that picture stored in our mobile phone to the whole world. We get to know whether others loved it or not.

Today no Indian women can resist watching her friends new jewellery set being posted in Facebook. I myself owe a lot this social media which is currently helping me to convey my thoughts with you all. Social media is witnessing the inflow of ideas innovations and thoughts which are invaluable, with new features being added to this giant sized information centre. But unfortunately it has its shortcomings too. This social media has created a virtual world where everything is more virtual than real. You never know who will be standing by your side when tough times will approach you which, are needless to say are highly inevitable. Having said that, I by no means want to demean  your friends or categorise them as ominous for you. It’s just that the kind of anonymity which you and your virtual friend continue to maintain is not healthy. Not having met people personally is also a big drawback.

 Even after posting something on the social media your virtual friends might give you a thumbs up but in reality you never know whether he agrees to your opinions or not. What this social media is also doing is that it is creating a gap between you and your real friends and your parents. There was a time when the whole family used to sit together and had the meals, but now most of them are busy posting new updates in social media not giving values to the personal relationships which one has. All in all,social media can act as words;it can hurt someone or heal someone,depending on the way we use it.

I hope it was helpful for you.


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