The Journey

Pretty soon, I will see myself at the brink of embarking upon a new journey, a journey that will give exposure and inputs to my mind, the one that leads to realizing my capabilities, making be firm, bold and undeterred by the opinions of others.

Image result for the journey begins

Taking the road less traveled has always been a phrase which we love to read, but I find that experiencing, it requires a lot more courage. It’s always difficult to start your journey to a place which you’ve only read about, but never encountered before. There is a pride in my visage that this journey will help me to grow, but I won’t deny the dread growing slowly at the back of my mind regarding whether I am fully prepared for it or not.

Material success is necessary, but it means little when it is not complemented with the right values which one holds. My near and dear ones have made sure that I don’t lose my values when people have something tempting to offer. Numerous dreams are riding on my shoulder, but nevertheless, I will make sure that I take the right steps in the right direction to soar higher in my life.


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