True Friends

To begin with, let me make it clear that I’m not going to to talk about your online friends because these are the people with whom you can pick up a conversation and start chatting with them without even knowing anything about that person. Neither am I interested in talking about those plebeians whom you meet occasionally and exchange greetings. Here, I would like to talk about those people who bring a smile to your visage every time they show up.

The ones who have become an indispensable part of your life. They are our true friends who play the role of an entertainer in our lives. They try to get us out of the boring, sad and monotonous phase to the one which is filled with excitement, thrill and joy. They even play the role of guide for you in times of confusion. Even if you are in an abyss, they’ll still encourage you to look at the stars. You can’t choose your parents, but that’s not the case with your friends, who are cherry picked by you.


I have my own bunch of friends who point out the mistakes made by me and asks them to correct it for which I owe them a lot. It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But you should not expect your friends to help you after you did something terribly wrong, and that too, intentionally. Your true friend will never help you in such cases because sometimes it is better to learn the hard way.

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If he/she does help you, then I don’t feel that your friend qualifies for the title of ‘true’. True friends will always be there with you, but don’t you ever make that stupid silly mistake of taking them for granted. They are very much like a mirror in your life- when you smile, they’ll smile; when you cry, they’ll cry too, but when you hit them, they won’t hit you back because they would have already broken down into pieces. Treat them with respect and love.

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