Why I chose to become a Blogger?

It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been in blogging. I really get happy when I find that my blog posts are loved and well received by many Indians, Americans, Germans, French, Polish, etc. I promise you guys that I will continue writing my blog as long as you continue reading it. I always think about ways through which I can help more readers and be an instrument of service to you all. For years I had been reading and writing self development articles before being a blogger. There were also days when I used to write short stories, though I have stopped writing those now. There were times when I felt that the things which I write should not be confined to my friends but also to other people who can read and enjoy my articles. Then I thought of creating my facebook account (which I deleted recently) where I can connect with more people and share my writings. But it didn’t take me long to comprehend that facebook was a platform where people loved to see photos of other people and didn’t have time to scroll down to read someone’s articles which was written painstakingly. Then one fine day, I heard about the world of blogs, where I found that prominent personalities and novice alike used to write articles either about themselves or to provide some informative knowledge to others. It really struck a chord within me and wasted no time to enter into this great creation. I’ve become a prolific writer and read blogs of some of my favourite people who help me to grow in a big way. So this was how my journey began and I am cherishing every moment of this sublime experience.

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Thank you.


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