My Family’s Dinner Time

This is the most happening time of the day in my family, with everything so spiced up and captivating.

9.00 pm

Dad- He is getting ravenous by now, after working very long and assiduously in his office. Being a connoisseur of fine food, he looks at the kitchen, which is the source of the aroma of the meal being prepared, then at the clock and then at his tummy, which has been craving for some inputs for a while. Jadedly, he switches on the television and sits back on the sofa.

Mom- She is taking out the utensils to put the food onto it, still semiconsciously thinking about the non-existent maid who could have reduced her domestic workload to a great extent. But she is happy now, since this is one of the last tasks (making food) before she could wrap up the day’s work and take that much needed sleep.

Me- I was getting sick and tired of this economics book which was kept open in front of me since last 2 hours, still clueless about its concept as I was before. People think that I love this subject but only I know that the truth is not even remotely close to it. My energy was hitting a new low with every passing minute. I quadruped myself beneath my bed and took out the book of Dan Brown. When ennui gets the better of me, Dan Brown has always acted as my saviour through his books, which never fails to open a Pandora’s box and unsettle the elitist. I began to read a few pages, all too fascinating and intriguing. Suddenly, mom calls out loud – ‘Dinner Time’. I curse my luck, put down the book and leave my room, rather reluctantly.

Sister- She is in her room playing games in mom’s mobile phone (which she had surreptitiously brought in). She was playing Temple Run, falling down the deep abyss every single time, but she was hell bent to kill time by playing it again and again.


My mom found her playing games instead of studying. I thought she would hit her, but instead she went back to the kitchen. Obviously, my jealousy which was brewing towards my little sister was on the brink of an explosion.

9.10 pm

We all gather around the dining table and have our food. My and dad’s eyes were transfixed on the T.V. set, watching Arnab Goswami (journalist) verbally thrashing anyone who goes against his opinion.

My mom was eating silently, still thinking about her workload. My sister was having a good time and why won’t she, when Temple Run was still being played below the table.

9.15 pm

My dad takes a small portion of peanut butter from the jar which was kept near him, but my mom warned him against it, reminding about his weight and age, both going upwards. My dad, as usual, dismissed the argument completely and and continued with the sapid meal.

9.45 pm

We all went to bed and had a sound sleep except my sister (Temple Run below the pillow, you know).


  • Never allow kids to play games during study time.
  • Always have dinner before 9 pm.
  • Never disturb someone who is reading an interesting book (especially if it is that of Dan Brown).

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