A Candid Talk for Psychology Project

I was given a project in psychology where I had to talk to any person who had been a patient of ADHD. It was a bit difficult to find such people but soon realised that John, a friend of mine had this disorder. I rolled up my sleeve and prepared the questionnaire for the interview.

A lush green park was decided to be the rendezvous of John and I. It was interesting to meet my friend who dealt successfully with a disorder for nearly a year, about which I got to know only a few days back. He was dressed in a sharp looking and a well fitting navy blue shirt and black trousers. We had a candid conversation with regard to his disorder and here are its excerpts:

  • So when did you realise that you had this problem ?

Well, to be honest, it was my parents who found out that something was wrong with me a year ago. I was having a hard time paying attention in studies and other stuffs which called for my concentration. I used to get easily distracted while doing my work, no matter how trivial it might be. But I thought it was very common which obviously was not the case.

  • What other symptoms were you showing ?

I was often feeling restless and fidgety. It was hard for me to sit at one place and focus on something in particular. I used to act before thinking, got more garrulous and more enraged that the situation called for.

Image result for adhd photos

  • Did you take any measures to alleviate the problem ?

Yes, I did. Firstly, I started to take control over my life. I took great care of my physical and mental health. I did an  intensive study about ADHD so that I may know what I am up against. I started to realise that actions have consequences, so I was more vigilant about the things which I indulged in. Then I channelised that hyperactive animal that was within me into good use. I participated in rope skipping classes and bagged many laurels.

Image result for driven to distraction

I even attended various seminars on ADHD which proved to be invaluable for me. I read several books on ADHD to educate myself on this problem, especially the books of Edward M. Hallowell.

  • Did you take any medical treatment ?


  • Why not ?

Well, it’s simply because of the fact that I wanted to deal it myself. I believe that this is a disorder that can be cured with mental toughness and that is exactly what I’ve been doing since the past 1 year.

  • Are you fully cured now ?

I can’t say that but my progress has been very conspicuous and I am glad about it. I still feel distracted at times, but those things have dropped down significantly.





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