A Bevy of Books – Habit of Reading, Writing and more…

Since my childhood days, I have had a strong affinity towards books. They were the tools which I relied upon when ennui surrounds me. It always delights me to explore some new things from the perspective of another person while sitting on my chair and having a sip of milk.

I read anything I get my hands on. I first loved to read the stories given in my academic books, but soon I felt that the stories were too short and too banal. The first book which I remember to have fascinated me beyond measure was ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’. It used to be always a race against time for me, where I had that never ending urge of finding the culprit before the protagonist. Though I hardly ever got close to the truth, but I never hesitated to try my luck again by grabbing another book and following the trail left behind.

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Detective books consumed me so much that I started to look at the idiosyncrasies of nearly everything that used to happen around me. Then came the books of Agatha Christie which really provided a new horizon to my way of thinking.

Thanks to my reading habit, I even love to read newspapers and my love continues till now. Knowing about the events which are happening in and outside my country helps me to amass a large amount of general knowledge which I leverage till date. A gamut of information from the national politics to international agencies to sporting events fuels my curiosity.

Renowned writer and Member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor said it better than I ever could- ‘Books are like the hatchet of the toddy tapper. As the hatchet of the toddy tapper cuts off the husk of the coconut, books do the same with our minds by clearing away all the doubts which clouds and enshrouds our mind.

Reading and writing has been a part of my being. I believe that when you read an autobiography of great people like Mahatma Gandhi or Malcolm X or Nelson Mandela, than you are literally going behind their eyeballs and get to know the events and the ideas which shaped them and made them who they were. It is like having a conversation with the author, and like every great conversation, you end up being a better human being.

The sheer pleasure of losing yourself into a different world and delve into the story to discover the happening of this new world is worth trading your time. It helps to enrich our vocabulary and deepen our level of understanding about words, content and more importantly the context of the whole book.

Writing is also something which I do, though not as much as I wish to. As George Bernard Shaw once said – ‘I write for the same reason as a cow gives milk, it is inside of me and it ought to come out’. It is said that to be a good writer, one must write. Just to add to that point, I would also like to emphasise on reading for becoming a better writer since it provides you an array of beautiful and potent information which will help you a long way in weaving your story and make it more impact full for the person who’s reading it.

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When my works get published in the school magazine, I feel the sense of accomplishment and stimulates the desire to write even more. Writing gives me the power to express my views fearlessly and an opportunity to connect with my readers who are kind enough to read what I want to convey.

In this age of dramatic distraction where the younger generation is suffering from short attention span, books can act as a powerful instrument since it demands the attention of the readers. It has been found that reading books can effectively cure the ADHD symptoms of kids in addition to stretching their imagination to the point where they can contribute to the society in a positive manner.

As I am getting older, I like to read and write a lot more about the non-fiction, as it closely relates to the present day scenarios which we see around us on a daily basis. Knowing the stuffs which are as serious as the threats posed by North Korea to the world to trivial things like differentiating terrorism as good and bad, non-fiction can be really intriguing.

I believe that the way you write also influences the way you talk which plays a significant role in your overall personality development. Though your teacher helps you along the way to write better, but there is a unique style of writing of every individual which should be preserved. Take for instance Dan Brown. He juggles 2-3 events simultaneously in his books with ease, and when he connects the dots in the end, a masterpiece is produced.

Hope I’ve been able to rekindle your love for books, reading, writing and more…..


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