The CBSE Blooper and the Students’ Pandemonium

Just woke up today and was determined to write about  the prevalent mess that is happening in the country right now. So guys as you all know that I have been giving the class 12 Board examinations. It was all going good until this CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) paper leak happened.

After studying hours and hours for one of my most dreaded subjects, it was finally time for me to give the examination. To my utter surprise, the paper was pretty easy and my exam went off quite well. I got back to my home, threw away my box and the question paper and went straight to the bed for a good 4 hours of sleep. Now when I woke up, I was apprised by my friends about this whole scandal and how some tricksters got access to the question paper on the eve of the examination and went on to share with others. Now I was totally taken aback, not much by what had happened, but thinking about the probable repercussions which was to follow. And within a day or two, my worst nightmare came true. CBSE decided to conduct a retest for all class 12 economics students as well as for the class 10 maths students.


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Now I think this cannot be more unfair than this. I don’t think the misdeeds of some handful of students should be held the reason to punish around 2 million students. Moreover, I am currently preparing for my Law Entrance test and a retest of economics on 25 April will act as a major hindrance for my preparation. It is not only my case, but there are so many other competitive examinations which has to be given by countless other students. It is the career of so many students which the CBSE has put in jeopardy with absolutely 0 percent of accountability taken by them. If some reports are to be believed, then it is being said that the CBSE had got an e-mail a day before the examination apprising them about the paper leak. But was it arrogance or ignorance of the Board that they decided not to cancel the paper, I don’t know.

I think it was the merriment on the students’ visages that made the CBSE come out with this decision to wipe out even an iota of satisfaction that is left inside of them. Students’ and parents’ body have been protesting vehemently regarding this whole mess. My father, on the other hand sees it as an opportunity for me to outperform myself in the upcoming paper about which I have little hope left.

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CBSE chief told the press that whatever the decision would be, it would be in favour of the students. I wonder how putting the immediate career of the students in peril will do any good for us. It is being said that various other papers have also been leaked but since the CBSE doesn’t want to get itself into more trouble, it unequivocally declined about any such happening.

Also, there are also being fingers raised regarding the security of the new question papers which are to be made and circulated across the country. Though some may point out that since the subject had already been revised, the students would not have any problems facing the paper, but I believe that it is far more easier said than done. Revising all the graphs, learning the concepts of Average cost, marginal cost, government budget, demand and supply (sorry if I went a little too deep, though I guess my frustration is understandable) is by no means an easy task. Taking some days out for the Board exam at a time when competitive exams are around the corner is too much to ask for.

Apart from venting my ire (and filing an online petition which apparently and inevitably failed) I don’t think I can do much about it other than to pray to god so that it doesn’t happen to any other lower classes so that they won’t be subjected to this excruciating amount of tension which is currently on a rampage. CBSE Board will also conduct the final exams from the next year for class 8 and class 5 students. It would be interesting to see how they go about it. After hearing and listening to all this academic turmoil, all that a student can do (since he has no other option left) is to roll up the sleeves and prepare himself for a battle which is still to be won.


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