Feeling Bad For Working Hard And Not Getting Results ?

So it was around a week back when this incident took place. I happened to meet a guy who had just got the result of his entrance examination and he seemed to be quite depressed. I was able to make out from his looks that he hadn’t fared well in it. So I walked up to him and started talking about trivial things, in an attempt to loose him up from the grips of gloom. But my efforts failed to mark any conspicuous effect. Then he looked up yo me and said ‘Why is it that one fails despite working hard on something and others win though they haven’t put in much effort ?’

I pondered over the statement for quite long and came up with this, which I’d like to share with you all in a hope that it helps someone who his going through the same phase and find some answers to it.

It feels hard. It feels terrible and above all you lose faith in yourself and your capabilities when you work hard and don’t get the desired results. It is a moment when that eerie creepy little thing called envy starts brewing somewhere deep inside of you and just gets bigger each time you think not about your failure but instead about the success which someone else has got which you strongly feel was something that you deserved.

If you are an agnostic like me then you would probably be melancholic and feel a bit down while doing an introspection at the same time regarding how you could have done any better and the steps that you’d have taken had you got one more chance. But then gradually, slowly and eventually you come to terms with the fact that that was not the day for you.  And do remember the profound dialogue of Disney star Elsa – Let it Go. That’s all that you need to do. You just need to erase the past and continue with whatever thing you can do.

Now if you are a religious person, than maybe you’d have a monologue with god saying things like why does this have to happen to me, but the strength that you receive from god through prayers is said to be overwhelmingly abundant and one finally finds solace.

As far as others are concerned who get what they want because of luck, well I won’t be harsh on them because this is what life is all about. Sometimes you get some pleasant things which you didn’t expect and you feel gleeful and then there are times when in spite of putting in some hard freaking work, you don’t get what you thought you should have gotten and you move on. Life is never going to be a crystal stair. You’ll go through some ups and you’ll go through some downs, you’ll hit the valley but you’ll also find yourself on the mountaintop some day.

So stay calm and stay cool. And let me prognosticate one thing for you which I need you to believe deep inside your core- Good things are about to happen in your life.

Thanks for stopping by.


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