The Questions I’d ask Rahul Gandhi if I had the chance?

Ok guys, so this was one of the questions which I came across on Quora and thought that I should write about it. So the following is the reproduction of the passage which I had written in response to the question that was asked :

So I have 4 specific questions for the president of the Grand Old Party of India which I’d personally like him to answer :

Q 1 – Sir, if I refer to a telegram source from wikileaks, you had in a conversation with former US Ambassador Tim Roemer to the US State Department said, and I quote – ‘There is some support for the LeT in certain elements in India’s Muslim community, but the bigger threat may be of the rise of radical homegrown Hindu groups which create tension’. You had also declaimed the term ‘saffron terror’ in Mecca Masjid blast case. Considering the fact that Congress is always known for its minority appeasement, don’t you think that you went too far this time and defamed the Hindu community in an international scale through these ominous statements ?

Q 2 – You are busy blaming the government about its false promises and the utopia which it had promised to bring in, but if I talk about the promises which you (Congress) had made to the people of Karnataka in the year 2013 that Rs 50,000 crores will be spent on irrigation Shalini Krishna basin but the ground reality is that you [Congress] spent only Rs 6,000 crore rupees, You promised to build veterinary hospital in every panchayat, which even now seems to be a distant dream. With the 5 year term of Siddaramaiah Government over and the new Congress- JDS government coming to power, do you think the people of Karnataka should still believe in the manifesto which you release ?

Q 3 – Also I would like to point out the exasperating double standards that you maintain. Only because the Supreme Court didn’t decide in your favour regarding the cessation of Yeddyurrappa’s swearing in as Chief Minister of Karnataka, you had the chutzpah to compare the judiciary of India with that of Pakistan which personally made me squirm in anguish. But then when the Supreme Court reduced the timeline of the vote of confidence of the BJP govt. from 15 days to just 1 day, you were all praise of it. Why are you so fickle minded about such things and do you have any strong opinion about anything, considering the fact that you had even went on to question the Indian Army and the veracity on the Pakistan surgical strike ?


Q 4 – Earlier you used to be in a deep political slumber and your comments and attacks on your political rivals were largely ignored or they didn’t pay much heed to it. But of late starting from the Gujarat election, we are seeing a new Rahul Gandhi who has incontrovertibly become a force to reckon with. But still I find a deep sense of insecurity lurking inside of you regarding your political ambitions. Out of all the constituencies that you campaigned in Karnataka, more than half of them were lost by your party, while on the other hand, PM Narendra Modi was able to get the results in his favour just by a week or two campaigning. It is even said that had he given more time to the karnataka elections, which he couldn’t because of the overload of his work as the Prime Minister, the BJP would have decimated the opposition. Do you think that you are good enough to beat Narendra Modi on your own, and if so why is the Congress Party seen running helter-skelter to form new allies with parties which do not follow even an iota of ideology of yours ?



I think this would be more than enough for him. And I’d be glad if he answers any one of them.



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